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Quick Start

Environment Requirements

First, you need to install the corresponding dependent environment and tools:

It's recommended to enable GO111MODULE

go env -w GO111MODULE=on

Micro command tool

Micro is the best tool for the Go-Micro framework, micro can:

  • Quickly create projects & services from templates
  • Use commands commonly used during development

In order for the next steps to proceed smoothly, the micro command tool needs to be installed

Create project

# Create a project using the default template
micro new my_project

# Remember, it creates a new `helloworld` service (by default)
# Enter your project > service directory
cd my_project/helloworld

Code generation and execution


# Generate all proto source code, wire, etc.
make all


# Run the service
make run

# Use Micro's run command
micro run


DEBUG msg=config loaded: config.yaml format: yaml # load by default configs/config.yaml configuration file
INFO msg=[HTTP] server listening on: [::]:8080
INFO msg=[gRPC] server listening on: [::]:9090

Test interface

Test with HTTP interface

curl ''

The response should be:
"message": "Hello go-micro"

Test with GRPC interface

grpcurl -plaintext -d '{"name":"go-micro"}' helloworld.v1.Greeter.SayHello

The response should be:
"message": "Hello go-micro"

Project template

Micro manages templates through Git repositories and initializes by pulling templates when creating projects and services. The default template address is:

Custom project template

You can also create your own templates, to save time when you need to do it every time.